Kansas Coin Connection Reviews

Kansas Coin Connection Reviews

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Great selection of coins and currency. Dean was very friendly and knowledgeable. I got some silver and a couple of older notes. Thank you!”

Lee Zimbelman

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This afternoon I sold a few gold tooth and a half silver Dollar to this dealer. He paid a fair price. He had impeccable professional manners. His shop is amazing. I liked looking around. He even has a friendly dog. I am remarkable pleased.


We’ve gone here twice when selling some coins my parents owned. On both occasions found them very professional and fair. We had one piece I knew had value (the rest were wildcards) and had researched it. The price they offered was VERY fair for the valuable piece and I was happy With the counsel on the rest as well. Highly recommend.

Tom M

100% B E T T E R T H A N E B A Y ! ! ! • The owner is super cool. Whenever I go here he always gives me a bit extra. Also he’s not pushy and he doesn’t try and pressure you into buying anything. He lets you just take your time and think about what you should get. • This place has great prices that EBay prices can’t match. For example ⬇️ Wheat penny - 4 cents Steel penny - 10 cents Indian head penny - 1.10 dollars Buffalo Nickel - 50 cents Clad and 40% silver half dollars - 50 cents Silver dime - 2.10 dollars Silver quarter - 5 dollars Silver half dollar - 10 dollars 1/4 Ounce Troy ounce silver coin - 8 dollars 1/2 Troy ounce silver coin - 16 dollars

Ricky Lafleur

I have bought most of my coin collection from this place! Prices are exceptional and the owner is always a delight to talk to. I sold some gold coins and they offered me fantastic prices. Great place!

Taylor Jesse

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Coins, Gold, and Silver Needs

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Coins, Gold, and Silver Needs

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