Kansas Coin Connection Reviews

Kansas Coin Connection Reviews

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Great selection of coins and currency. Dean was very friendly and knowledgeable. I got some silver and a couple of older notes. Thank you!”

Lee Zimbelman

Our customers love what we do

This afternoon I sold a few gold tooth and a half silver Dollar to this dealer. He paid a fair price. He had impeccable professional manners. His shop is amazing. I liked looking around. He even has a friendly dog. I am remarkable pleased.


We’ve gone here twice when selling some coins my parents owned. On both occasions found them very professional and fair. We had one piece I knew had value (the rest were wildcards) and had researched it. The price they offered was VERY fair for the valuable piece and I was happy With the counsel on the rest as well. Highly recommend.

Tom M

100% B E T T E R T H A N E B A Y ! ! ! • The owner is super cool. Whenever I go here he always gives me a bit extra. Also he’s not pushy and he doesn’t try and pressure you into buying anything. He lets you just take your time and think about what you should get. • This place has great prices that EBay prices can’t match. For example ⬇️ Wheat penny - 4 cents Steel penny - 10 cents Indian head penny - 1.10 dollars Buffalo Nickel - 50 cents Clad and 40% silver half dollars - 50 cents Silver dime - 2.10 dollars Silver quarter - 5 dollars Silver half dollar - 10 dollars 1/4 Ounce Troy ounce silver coin - 8 dollars 1/2 Troy ounce silver coin - 16 dollars

Ricky Lafleur

I have bought most of my coin collection from this place! Prices are exceptional and the owner is always a delight to talk to. I sold some gold coins and they offered me fantastic prices. Great place!

Taylor Jesse

Decided to update my review here, still love this place and go there all the time when I have a chance. Great place to go and they have almost anything you’re looking for. Super friendly staff and a crazy cool display counter. Definitely a place to go if you’re looking for anything numismatic related.

Tristan Womble

Great coin shop, actually I think it's the best coin shop in Kansas and Missouri not to mention that Kansas Coin Connection has outstanding customer service and they take the time to help you out with anything that your interested in buying or if you're just looking you will get excellent service. I would recommend Kansas Coin Connection over Midwest Coin and Currency off of Armour Rd inside Meierotto Jewlery Store. If you go to Midwest Coin and Currency you will either deal with Eric or Shane and the last time I was there they acted like they were too busy at first and I was ready to spend close to $3000.00 on gold coins but just got a few silver coins and left and my dad was looking to buy an 1877 Indian Head penny when Shane tells my dad that they don't have any of the years he wanted to purchase when a few days before he called and was told that they had all the years he was looking for and Shane acts like he's too busy and has no time for my dad when he previously spent 15 min talking to a woman about a Rolex Watch when they don't even deal with jewelry or watches. Stay away from Midwest coin and currency unless you want a bad experience and more than likely get ripped off. The only way you'll get a fair deal there is if you deal with the owner who is a kind man who cares about his business, he just has no idea how his 2 employees are treating people, I would say hands down Shane is the worst and Eric is second, I'm almost for sure his name is Eric, he's the guy who deals with online sales. Kansas Coin Connection All The Way!!!!

Justin Smith

Very patiently answered all my questions and bought 2 older coins for a very fair price

Michael Lindsey

Far prices definitely recommend


Great little shop with very fair prices. Honest ownership

Carl Wilcox

Knowledgeable, honest and professional. He will give you truthful information.

Cynthia Wamboldt

Thanks coin connection always fast in your service and friendly ..nice to have home town service

Charlene Hannon

Great coins, good service and outstanding ownership!

Rick Raines

Phenomenal coins, very fair prices.

Tanner Stumbaugh

Honest, fair and direct owner

Michael Williams

Owner was very nice

Sherri Boyle

Extremely nice, friendly, knowledgeable people.

Jason Nowak

The owners are very friendly and fair.

Dana K Brown

Very pleasant and fair.

Karen Dean

Excellent prices!

Taylor J

Great Coins, Great Service


always fair with me

Curt Z

Great place .

Dale's journey

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